I am a registered nurse with a home for medically fragile children in Southern California. I have been licensed with the state of California for 25 years with a Small Family Home and vendored with the Inland Regional Center. The children that I care for require a very high level of care. Some examples are trach dependent, central lines, transplants and cardiac disease to name a few.

With my continuing work in this area, I have seen a growing need for a Medically Fragile Training Manual for foster parents. This manual is directed to the basic level of care that is needed for the medically fragile child provided by foster parents and adoptive parents. A few examples of what this manual contains are:

  • Common medical diagnosis with signs and symptoms.
  • Paperwork required for successful care of the medically
    Fragile Child and to meet requirements of your agency.
  • Medications, most common side effects, dispensing methods.
  • Procedures explained in easy to understand terms.
  • Definitions and frequently used terms.
  • Sample forms and checklists.

I am also working on a DVD, which will be in conjunction with the training manual. This DVD will demonstrate the medical procedures, explain the most common equipment and help the foster parents become familiar with the medically fragile child. This manual and/or DVD does not take the place of the individual training that is required for each child, but will greatly improve the foster parents understanding of the medically fragile child and help guide them.

If you are interested in consulting, training for foster parents or staff

Please send me an email by completing the contact form and I will get back to you and go over the details.

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