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Helpful Interventions

Posted by on Saturday, 3 April, 2010

Interventions to decrease stress in the drug exposed medically fragile infant

  • Decrease lights and noise in room, including TV/radio.
  • Wrap the baby snugly with hands mid-line.  This helps to overcome extensor tone.
  • Always place baby on back or side to sleep—never on tummy.
  • Hold the baby’s hands mid-line over the baby’s chest with one of your hands, exerting a secure feeling.
  • Try rocking with baby held vertically. This is often more successful than horizontal rocking.
  • Frequent warm water baths help calm them.
  • If baby is gaze averting seemingly over stimulated by simple eye contact with you, sit the baby on your lap, snugly wrapped, facing away from you.
  • Do not use walkers with these infants. Walkers increase predisposition to weight bear on toes.
  • Protect the baby’s knees from irritation during periods of frantic fussiness.
  • Use a pacifier to help with their non-nutritive sucking needs.