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Welcome to our newly designed website, we would like to thank all of our members for sharing their interest in wanting an easier site to navigate through and the ability to subscribe to our blog and read and post comments. Returning members and new visitors, you’re welcome to comments on any topic. We are still working on a next Newsletter that we have scheduled for next month.

For those of you just arriving here for the very first time I’ll start be giving you  brief history about myself and why I decided to write a book on caring for medically fragile children. After being a registered nurse and licensed for 25 years with the state of California as a small family home for medically fragile children. In my continuing work in this area, I saw a growing need for a Medically Fragile Training Manual for foster, adoptive parents and other child-care professionals.

This manual is directed to the basic level of care that is needed for the medically fragile child. A few examples of what this manual contains are common medical diagnosis with signs and symptoms, paperwork required, medications, procedures explained, definitions and sample forms. The Medically Fragile Training Manual is available for purchase and soon will be available in an down loadable e-book format. I hope you find our site useful as well as informative towards your medically fragile child care needs. Please browse our site and don’t hesitate to send us comments on what we could do to improve your viewing experience and any topics you feel may help yourself and others caring for medically fragile children.

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